Welcome to Chrysalis Borzoi and thank you for visiting our hobby site. We live ninety miles north of Chicago on the south-east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin—walking distance from the Lake Michigan shoreline.

I have always had a great love of dogs and as a child grew up with a german short haired pointer. My husband Bill grew up with several dogs including a great dane and poodle. As an adult, Bill owned “Bork” the Bull Terrier who became a part of my life when we married in 1983.

When Bork passed, we were without a dog for about a year. One snowy sunday afternoon in January 1986, Bill, his mom, and I attended our very first dog show in downtown Milwaukee. As we entered the building I spied a breed I had never seen before. I asked Bill if he knew the name of the dog and he did indeed telling me it was a Borzoi. I was immediately mesmerized by the dog’s elegance and gracefulness and began talking to the exhibitor after the show. On that very day I knew we would own Borzoi.

We acquired our first Borzoi in February 1986 from Nonsuch Kennel, “Tasha.” She was a wonderful companion and introduced us to the world of lure coursing. We soon added more Borzoi to our home and began showing our dogs in the conformation and obedience rings. We eventually established our our own kennel, “Chrysalis,” with a specific style and focus in mind. We chose the name for its symbolism. A chrysalis is the protective cocoon where in the amazing transformation from caterpillar to butterfly takes place. We see Borzoi as beautiful creatures evolving from pudgy babies into their full and majestic potential.

In 1997 at the Potomac Valley Borzoi Club specialty in conjunction with Middleburg Kennel Club, I was honored to judge my first puppy sweepstakes. Their were no veterans. It was a thrill to judge, challenging and yet so different from exhibiting or sitting ringside judging from outside the ring. Since that time I have judged three borzoi sweepstakes, and multiple breed sweepstakes including Dachshund, Norwegian Elkhound, Whippet, & Gordon Setters. I am honored to have been asked to judge and appreciate my peers in the sport of dogs who felt I was worthy to do so.

Bill and I are grateful to our mentors Kalen and Karen Dumke of Nonsuch, Lorraine Marchant of Starborough, and Janis McFerrin of Firequest, as well as many friends who we’ve met over the years throughout the United States and Europe. These friendships have helped shape our view of Borzoi. We look to continue breeding Borzoi with sound temperaments, floating movement, vibrant health, and unmistakable beauty for many years to come.

Thanks to Veni Harlan (Veni Harlan Design) for her guidance and expertise in creating this site, and to those who contributed photography and artwork— Layna Allan, Kalen Dumke, Karen Dumke, Lynn Dumke, Reed Fowlie, Louis Galante, Sherry Galante, Barbara Tyler Lord, Cheryl Schallock Lundblad, Janis McFerrin, KC Thompson, Suzan and Kenny Tintorri, and Mary Vile.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Pam & Bill Leichtnam


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