Chrysalis A Study In Scarlet, JC (major pointed)

(CH Manitias Brilliant In Black x Grand CH Chrysalis Winter Gold)


Bred by Pam Leichtnam & Janis McFerrin

It was love at first sight. Scarlet was our irish marked red puppy who caught Bill’s attention immediately. In the 90s we had two tri-colored bitches from Nonsuch who were conformation champions and also shown in the brace class. As soon as Bill saw Scarlet he commented “there’s our next brace!” She was identical in markings to “Flame” (CH Nonsuch Chrysalis Sun Never Sets) and we were excited at the prospect of showing these two flashy irish-marked reds together.

Sadly we lost Scarlet at the tender age of 4 years and 12 days old to hemangiosarcoma. She was never sick a day in her life and she died within hours after she was taken to the vet.

In her short life, she had accomplished her junior courser title, was shown only once with Flame as a brace, moving together like they had both done this all their lives, and garnered nine points and one major toward her championship. She was a dog who loved showing in a big ring, outside on the grass, with her incredible side gait. The summer of 2013 was the time of the year we had hoped to gain her championship because she was mature and ready to hit the show ring with her beautiful body and lovely red coat. She so deserved that title.

Whether she was ever recognized by the American Kennel Club or not, she will always be a champion in our hearts, because in the end, Scarlet was a beauty inside and out and will always be our lovable red head that will never be forgotten. We miss you Scarlet each and every day. 



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