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Pam at home with 2 of her AKC champion Borzoi.

Dog Training

“One of the first trainers I encountered in my quest for a conformation trainer and to learn how to show my dog to the best of my ability was Pam Leichtnam. One of the best things she taught me was to concentrate on my dog and to not worry about anything outside of the ring. She was honest and to the point in her training. If she saw something she didn’t like, she did not hesitate to give correction. With Pam, I feel like I am getting what I come for…constructive criticism!”

—Kathy Z.

Conformation Show Handling

“Pam has always treated us and our dogs with the utmost professionalism and respect, both outside the ring and in.”

—Glen & Laura Mateljan


Pet Sitting

“Pam has been helping me with my dogs for about 4 years.  She walks my dogs during the day while I am at work. My dogs are a very large breed, Irish Wolfhounds, and some people feel intimidated by their size. Luckily, Pam has owned and bred Borzoi for many years and she is used to handling a larger breed. I know my dogs are very happy to see her.

Given Pam’s experience with her own breed, I believe she is aware of signs and symptoms that might indicate a problem or illness and I know she would contact me at my office and be willing to take a dog to the vet if necessary, considering I work approximately one hour from my home.

I strongly recommend Pam to anyone who is looking for someone to walk their dogs while away at work or occasionally pet sit while out of town. She is experienced, reliable, honest, and responsible.”


—Nancy L