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CH Chrysalis Casimira, FCH, JC

(CH Nonsuch Grozny x CH Nonsuch Vedma Of Chrysalis JC)

1/94 - 10/04


Cassie was loved & adored By Dawn Ferris. She excelled on the coursing field and was one of Dawn’s first Borzoi to run, in a sport that Dawn has come to love, judging and competing with her current Borzoi and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. As Cassie matured, she returned home to Chrysalis and finished her championship. Cassie was our 2nd home-bred champion and 2nd Dual titled Borzoi.

CH Chrysalis Black Onyx

(CH Nonsuch Grozny x Cordova Mishkova Shiloh)

5/98 - Not available


Nick along with his brother Zeke lived with the Strackbein family. He was the first of the boys to take a major and was the third in the litter to finish his championship. He much preferred being in the house with his human daddy Ike and their granddaughter Kylie. Nick was our 6th home bred champion.

CH Chrysalis Black Magic

(CH Nonsuch Grozny x Cordova Mishkova Shiloh)

 5/98 - 9/02


Zeke was owned by the Stackbein family in Wisconsin. He was shown sparingly and had competitively begun his show career in 2001. In August at the Racine Kennel Club show their was a Borzoi Club Of America trophy supported entry. Zeke was awarded Winners Dog. In December 2001 he finished his championship taking Winners Dog at the Midwest Borzoi Club specialty in Chicago. His father, Grozny was honored by taking an Award of Merit at age 10. Zeke was our 5th home bred champion.

CH Chrysalis Black Diamond

(CH Nonsuch Grozny x Cordova Mishkova Shiloh)

5/98 - 12/08


Diamond was our pick of litter. From the very beginning we felt she could be special with her exquisite head and beautiful breed type. She was shown on a very limited basis and garnered some memorable wins including Best Senior Bitch In Futurity at the Borzoi Club of America National in May 2000. In June she acquired a major and was not shown again until September at the Midwest Borzoi Club trophy supported show in Wisconsin where she was awarded Winners Bitch to complete her championship and Best of Breed the following day. Diamond was our 4th home bred champion.

CH Chrysalis Windfall Chara, JC

(CH Nonsuch Grozny x CH Nonsuch Vedma Of Chrysalis JC)

1/94 - 6/04


Chara as she matured, really was my pick of litter. She reminded me of my heart dog Zoya. When I competitively began to show her Chara was Reserve Winners Bitch at the Midwest Borzoi spring specialty in 2000. The following year she acquired her championship by taking back to back majors. Chara was our 3rd home bred champion.

AM CAN CH Chrysalis Windfall Confetti, CD, JC

(CH Nonsuch Grozny x CH Nonsuch Vedma of Chrysalis, JC)

1/94 - 10/05

Confetti was shown at several specialties all across the country. In California, at the Borzoi Club of Northern California spring specialty in 1995, she won a very large 12-15 puppy class. In June she was honored with Best of Opposite in sweepstakes at the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club specialty. In-between showing in the confirmation ring, she acquired her Junior Courser title and Companion Dog Title. She finished her American Championship at age 2 1/2 and completed her Canadian Championship in one weekend. She was our 1st homebred champion and Dual titleist.

CH Ioury Kalinow

(German Ch Kuskaya’s Arak x ENG CH Starborough Fait Accompli)

8/03 - 9/10


Ioury was born in Germany under the Kalinow name. He joined our family in November 2003. He was a specialty winner taking Winners Dog at the Midwest Borzoi Club specialty in August 2005. He finished his championship the day after the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club specialty in June 2006 going Best of Breed from the open dog class. He was big and adorable and so very loving. He was taken from us way too soon.

CH Cordova Mishkova Firedance

(BISS CH Nonsuch Prince Charming, ROMX-C x CH Starborough Tansy, JC)

11/97 - 8/06


We were introduced to the Starborough line through Phoenix. He was a lovely dog who finished in style in 1999 in Racine, Wisconsin at the Midwest Borzoi Club TSE in conjunction with the Cudahy Kennel Club show. Phoenix’s personality was so like his father’s Cameron and his copper red color was beautiful to look at.

CH Nonsuch Vedma of Chrysalis, JC

(CH Nonsuch The Talisman x CH Nonsuch Nemesis)

5/90 - 9/00


Vedma was a Best in Sweepstakes winner at the Puget Sound Borzoi specialty in 1991 and garnered several specialty wins including the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club in january 1993 where she finished her championship with back to back majors and in Chicago at the Midwest Borzoi Club specialty in 1995 taking Best of Opposite. She went on to multiple group placements shown as a champion by Vicky Bloemer and was honored at the Westminster Kennel Club show taking an Award of Merit. Vedma is the dam to our “C” litter.

CH Nonsuch Tatyana

(CH Crescents Kaitar of Nonsuch x CH Echovesna Monsoon)

1/88 - 8/99


Anna was our second borzoi from Nonsuch. She was always a character, acting like she was a person. I remember healing all the way around the obedience ring by myself as she watched me do it and when I finished instead of coming to me when called, she jumped over the gate to the next obedience ring where utility judging was going on. I knew from that point forward, I would never take her in the obedience ring again. Conformation was more suitable for her and in her young show career, Anna was Winners & Best of Winners at the Midwest Borzoi Club TSE in 1991 for a 5 point major. Her brother Ch Nonsuch the Talisman was Best of Breed. She and her sister Zoya were lovely together as a brace and were shown to fifteen Best Brace in Show, three of which were borzoi specialties. Anna & Zoya were best buddies and although they were from two different litters, they were like litter sisters.

Nonsuch Nordic Glacier, CD, FCh, LCM III, TT

(CH Crescents Gonzo x CH Oaklara’s Nagla)



Tasha was our first borzoi from Nonsuch. She introduced us to the sport of ASFA lure coursing. So many weekends Bill & I would travel all over the country in our Mazda sedan & eventually graduated to a Volvo Wagon. Tasha earned her FCH title in one weekend at just over 1 yr in september of 1986 and by the following june she had accomplished her first LCM title. She went on to a LCM III, earned two Best in Field, and was retired. In her retirement she visited the nursing home where my grandmother was living and she, Zoya, Anna, and Ceylon would take turns going, not just visiting my grandmother but other residents as well. Every Christmas season until Tasha passed we would take our borzoi and camera to photograph the residents with the dogs. The highlight for them and the look on their faces was so precious, when we would take the picture back to them so they could hang it up on their bulletin board in their room. Back in those days their were no digital cameras. It was a great experience and one we will never forget.

Ch. Nonsuch Standing Ovation, CD

(CH Crescents Gonzo x Phantom Lake Chantilly Lace)

3/88 - 2/95


Zoya was a two time specialty winner taking Winners & Best of Winners at the Midwest Borzoi Club specialty in Chicago in 1990 and Best of Opposite at the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi specialty in 1992. She was a multiple group placer and one of our two tri colored bitches who were shown in brace competition. Our dream was to breed her and show her as a veteran. Unfortunately this never came to pass. We tragically lost her at just under 7 yrs old. Although we love each & every one of our dogs, she was very special, always happy, never missed a meal, truly our heart dog. We will always be grateful to Kalen & Karen Dumke of Nonsuch for allowing Zoya to be a part of our lives. 

CH Nonsuch Grozny

(CH Crescents Gonzo x CH Echovesna Monsoon of Nonsuch)

8/91 - 1/02


Grozny as a young dog began his show career with a nice win taking Best Senior Dog in Futurity at the Borzoi Club of America national specialty in Seattle, WA & also won the american bred class. In 1994 at the Midwest Borzoi specialty in Detroit, he was Reserve Winners dog to his brother CH Nonsuch Gigolo. He finished his championship by going Best of Breed from the open dog class. After he finished, he was not campaigned, but occasionally went out to a show. At six years old he was awarded Best of Breed at the Midwest Borzoi Specialty in Chicago, 1997, and four years later at over 10 was honored by taking an Award of Merit once again at the Midwest Borzoi Specialty in Chicago. Grozny was the sire of our “C” & “Black & White” litter.

CH Nonsuch Ceylon, CD, FCh

(CH Crescents Kaitar of Nonsuch x CH Crescents Nonsuch Chloe)

10/89 - 7/98


Ceylon was our first and only borzoi to achieve an AKC championship title, companion dog title, and ASFA lure coursing title. She was very sweet, undeniably Nonsuch in type, whose head piece was so like her dam CH Crescents Nonsuch Chloe.

We remain grateful to our fellow breeders who entrusted us with their Borzoi to share in our lives. All have been unique, each with their own special personality setting them apart and making every dog very special. We remember them with love and gratitude.

CH Starborough Pavlovna

(Hepi Hepri Liman At Manitias x ENG CH Starborough Fait Accompli)

11/25/2001- 8/4/13



Chrysalis A Study In Scarlet, JC (major pointed)

(CH Manitias Brilliant In Black x Grand CH Chrysalis Winter Gold)

6/15/2009 - 6/27/13