CH Chrysalis The Call of Wings (major-pointed)

(Firequest Beowulf x Grand CH Chrysalis Endless Night)

  1. b.2/16/2013

Bred by Pam Leichtnam & Janis McFerrin

“Dove” was sold at 10 weeks of age. She was always the first one to escape the whelping box.  Her personality was adorable but she was the most mischievous puppy.

One January afternoon in 2014, after being bathed and prepped for her first show, Dove tried to follow me to the second floor of our home. The next thing I heard was a puppy screaming in pain. She apparently was frightened when I was out of sight, panicked not remembering stairs, and leapt 20 feet landing on her side. She broke her left front leg at the radius and ulna. Unfortunately, I had to call her first owner Sharron and tell her what had happened. It was one of the hardest calls I ever had to make. Surgery was done at our expense, which included a leg plate, and I transported Dove back to her owner. Once she recovered, and I began training her again, she limped every so often. Finally, I spoke with her owner and the decision was made that Dove come back to Chrysalis. It was with the intention that if she needed further medical care or re-hab, the best facilities were available in the city of Milwaukee. 

To my elation, Dove was welcome back into our pack though she had never left. On December 23, 2014, the plate was removed and a splint was put in place. Once this healed, Dove received weekly hydro therapy treatments which lead to her complete recovery. 

In July 2015 Dove was shown for the very first time since her accident in bred-by exhibitor. What a happy day for me as a breeder/owner. She didn’t win (taking three out of three) but she no longer limped! It was one of the highlights of my Borzoi career to have this lovely girl recover and compete successfully. 

Dove completed her championship with a major May 2017 exclusively shown from the bred-by exhibitor class. What a thrill to gain her title after bringing her back from injury. All the time, effort, and money was worth it. Dove is truly a come back kid!

We are very excited to announce a planned breeding in the spring of 2018 to “Pavel” Grand CH Estet Classic Pavel At Chrysalis (EST IMP).  




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