Chrysalis Firequest Wellington
Owned by Janis McFerrin (Firequest)

“For Wells,  The world’s a toy to him!” —Janishttp://chrysalisborzoi.smugmug.com/Other/Wells/29083788_fgt2kR#!i=2477138078&k=msDH3kBshapeimage_3_link_0

British Novels Litter Chapter II

In keeping with our pursuit of maintaining undeniable temperament, movement, sufficient bone and soundness, while pursuing our English type previously established in our first British Novels Litter, our vision lead us to Janis McFerrin’s handsome Firequest Beowulf. Beowulf was a beautiful and substantial dog, with a pedigree that would compliment Starry (Am Ch Chrysalis Endless Night). As a result of this pairing, a delightful litter of two boys and four girls were born on February 16, 2013. Our second British Novels litter represents all that we had anticipated: we are delighted to have co-bred a second litter with Janis, and are optimistic about their future. Many thanks to the dedicated owners of these youngsters.

Chrysalis Call of Wings 
Owned by Sharron White-Davis & Pamela Leichtnam

“Dove came into my life very unexpectedly. I had not had borzoi for many years. I ran into Pam at a dog show and learned that she had a litter of puppies. I knew after seeing Dove weeks later that my home would be her forever home. She is a silly, talkative clown, who loves to chase the kitty in play and sit on my lap. My dream is that Dove finishes her American Championship once she matures. For now though, I will continue to enjoy her silliness and loving personality. Thank you Pam for the opportunity to have this special girl in my life.” —Sharron

Chrysalis The Once And Future King
Owned by Roman Sukley, Maurine Conti & Pamela Leichtnam

“Merlin is our happy boy. After a rough start of intensive medical treatments due to a hip fracture at only five months of age, this show-potential hopeful matured into a smiley, bouncy, family pet. He came to us, as if by miracle, a few days after Christmas, 2014. He has been nothing but a joy and a blessing to our family ever since. Merlin is gentle, kind, and thoughtful. He loves to play ball and partakes in all family activities. He also keeps a respectful distance from our clawless longhair calico cat, Pebbles. Merlin’s relentlessly joyful spirit and lovable personality win over everyone he meets. We are thankful to Merlin’s breeders, Pam Leichtnam and Janis McFerrin,  for a match made in Heaven.” —Kingahttp://chrysalisborzoi.smugmug.com/Other/Merlin/29100538_nGSwcz#!i=2477225482&k=KWZQstbshapeimage_9_link_0
Chrysalis Great Expectations
Owned by Mike & Diane Bilak & Pamela Leichtnam

“When Diane saw Sophie  as a puppy, it was love at first sight. Diane wanted a puppy that would be “her’s” to show. Diane showed Sophie for the first time in a puppy match where she took a Hound Group Two.  Unfortunately, due to Diane’s hip problems and surgery, for the time being, I’ve taken over showing Sophie. She is a great mover and has a real show personality. Not afraid to let everyone know how she feels, Sophie has fit in with the other Borzoi in the house and is very attached to us.” 

British Novels

Chapter II

  1. b. 2/16/2013

  2. Pedigree

  3. bred by Pamela Jo Leichtnam &

  4. Janis McFerrin (Firequest Borzoi)

  5. 2 boys & 4 girls

  6. Visit the litter page

Chrysalis Pride & Prejudice
Owned by Pamela Leichtnam

“When I look at Darcy, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She is her mother, not only in appearance but personality.” —PamDarcy.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0
Chrysalis Jane Eyre
Owned by Pamela Leichtnam

“Adele was always the puppy who waited patiently in the back ground. She learned very quickly that once the coast was clear, our attention was hers for the taking. She is just the opposite of her sister Darcy.” —PamAdele.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0