Chrysalis A Study In Scarlet, JC (major Pointed)
6/15/2009 - 6/27/2013
Owned by Chrysalis

“When Scarlet was born and Bill saw her, I knew from day one that she would remain here at Chrysalis.” —PamScarlet.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0
British Novels Litter Chapter I

This breeding was based upon maintaining English type we continue to admire. In order to accentuate the English pedigree already established by the dam (Grand Ch. Chrysalis Winter Gold), it was our intent to breed to a male whose pedigree would compliment her, and Am. Ch. Manitias Brilliant In Black was the overwhelming choice. Jeeves was a sound-moving, typy male of adequate bone, possessing the temperament we love. The result of this breeding precisely fit our expectations. On June 15, 2009 six girls and 1 boy were born.  It is with much gratitude to Janis McFerrin (Firequest) for making “Jeeves” available to us. We are especially pleased with the wonderful owners involved with this litter. As of December 2013, we have two champions, one grand champion who was also a specialty winner, two pointed in the United States with major wins and one littermate is pointed in Canada. We are delighted with the personalities, pedigree blend, style and soundness of this litter. This litter is co-bred with Janis McFerrin (Firequest Borzoi).

Grand CH Chrysalis Endless Night 
6/15/2009 -
Owned by Chrysalis

“Starry was our tri puppy with deep black hair that shined like velveteen. She was also the most boisterous puppy in the litter, wanting all our attention. Starry knew she had us wrapped around her little paws and was inevitable that she stay here at Chrysalis.” —Pam

Chrysalis Firequest Cricket on the Hearth (major pointed)
6/15/2009 - 4/25/2015
Owned by Janis McFerrin (Firequest)

“Simply put, Cricket is everything I ever wanted and more from a Borzoi of English ancestry.” —Janis

Chrysalis Copper Beeches at Vaschka
6/15/2009 -
Owned by Suzan & Pamela Leichtnam

“Beckham is our sweet baby boy! He is a beautiful, elegant and athletic youngster. He has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than to be our constant companion. Beckham is beginning to mature & you may see him in the show ring next year.” —Suzanhttp://chrysalisborzoi.smugmug.com/Other/Beckham/22296625_TZ8MNw#!i=1781462910&k=T4JfzXZshapeimage_18_link_0
CH Chrysalis Clouds of Glory at Vaschka
6/15/2009 -
Owned by Suzan Tintorri & Pamela Leichtnam

“Bronte is our diva! She knows she’s beautiful and assumes that wherever she goes, her fans will be there! She is a firecracker at home and in the show ring, keeping us constantly amused and on our toes. You don’t need tv with Bronte and Beckham around!” —Suzanhttp://chrysalisborzoi.smugmug.com/Other/Bronte/22261826_MXMBQJ#!i=1778473034&k=XNrq3ZFshapeimage_21_link_0
Chrysalis Shadow On The Glass (pointed)
6/15/2009 -
Owned by Layna Allen & Pamela Leichtnam

“Chimera is a wonderful cuddler! She has a zest for life, always eager to go, to explore, to search out, one of the easiest to train and the most willing to work, she is SMART and likes to be challenged. There is a great keenness about her that is gentle but ever alert, she sets out ever watchful for coyotes or fox, she loves people and loves to visit, she charges into the show facility tongue lashing out to do a drive by licking, She loves the lure, shows great follow, speed and agility, exuberantly attacks her obedience and rally, but can still curl up in bed with us for a nap, sweet, endearing, a wonderful addition to our family!” —Laynahttp://chrysalisborzoi.smugmug.com/Other/Chimera/22260585_3Qxw4R#!i=1778348592&k=T7sP6Bfshapeimage_26_link_0

British Novels

Chapter I

  1. b. 6/15/2009

  2. Pedigree

  3. bred by Pamela Jo Leichtnam & Janis McFerrin

  4. 1 boy & 6 girls

Grand CH Chrysalis Veiled Lady (MBC Specialty WB)
6/15/2009 - 12/15/2016
Owned by Kevin & Cheryl Jackson, Pamela Leichtnam

“Aggie Joined our family in August 2009. She is our first borzoi and has turned out to be quite the character. She enjoys running with Cheryl in the morning, especially when the squirrels and rabbits are busy! She has excellent leash manners and listens well off lead. While on our camping trip she kept herself busy chasing a chipmunk up the tree in the campsite. Unfortunately for her, little did she know when she gave up and tried to take a nap, her nemesis had an elaborate tunnel system underground and would run underneath her, pop up behind her, to start the fun all over again. We also learned that she was quite the swimmer after leaping into the Chippewa River while we were swimming, loved the water and did it again and again. Aggie also enjoys being on our boat, standing at the front of the bow playing captain while I motor across the lake.   —Kevin